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2010 Club Championship

The Darts Club Championship has again been won by David "Stumpy" Sheehan who defeated John "Wombat" Granat in the final. Congratulations to both players More

Senior Club Championship 2010

In a close match lasting almost 3 hours Akira Suda beat Anton Claridad 6-7, 6-4, 7-6. Congratulations to Akira your name will now appear in gold letters on the clubhouse championship board for the first time! Anton was runner up last year as well. More

John Molloy takes over Club maintenance role

John Molloy is taking on responsibility for maintenance of Club facilities (not including gardens, greens, courts and related equipment). If you notice something that needs fixing, please make a note in the Maintenance Book. John is recruiting a small team of helpers, so if you are prepared to assist on an as-needed basis either generally or related to a ... More

Our tennis girls victorious

Two Vermont South mid-week ladies teams won premiership flags (A3 and A4 Grades) this season. The girls celebrated their wins with a victory dinner (see photo). More

Toilet renovations completed

The renovations to our toilet facilities are now complete and we are pleased with the result. We are looking for this to be the start of a progressive refurbishment of our facilities which we hope to restore to excellent condition. Thanks to those members who assisted with the demolishment and rubbish removal. More

Personal Accident Insurance

Some members may not be aware that the Club provides personal accident insurance cover for injuries suffered while playing tennis or while doing unpaid volunteer work at the Club. Briefly speaking, this insurance provides for reimbursement of costs that are not covered by Medicare such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, crutches, rehab, out-of-pocket expenses, ... More

Mid-Week Ladies A Grade runners-up

Kay Kimmitt, Jill Raymond, Helen McConnell (Capt), Cath Kerr and Sherilyn Phillips show off their Runners-up flag More

New court sprinklers

New sprinklers and hoses have been installed on all courts to use recycled water from our storage tanks. The sprinklers are painted purple to differentiate from mains water. The sprinklers cover most of the court area but parts near the fenceline are missed. Please use hoses (mains or purple recycled) to water these areas or we will risk damage to the ... More

Tuesday Night Finals

The Tuesday night season finished up on the 24th November, with a grand final between The City Slicers and The Recruits. The result was a victory for the City Slicers, five sets to one with an eight game margin. Congratulations to Frank Van West, Craig Sutherland, Bobby Tynan, Clinton Shelley and Nigel Fallon. Well done on a good season and for the grand ... More

Important reminder

When last to leave Club grounds it is a responsibility of all members to ensure that: * Heaters/lights/appliances are switched off * All windows, doors and gates are locked * Alarms are set More