New members, no matter whether they are beginners or highly experienced players are made very welcome at our Club. We are renowned for being a very friendly and inclusive Club so why not join us and be part of it.

The benefits are many. You will meet new people and make new friends. You will get healthy exercise and entertainment through participating competitively or socially or both. But, most of all, you will have fun.

How to join

It’s easy. Contact one of our membership co-ordinators (see below) who can give you all the relevant information and guide you through the simple process.

If you have never played bowls and you are not sure if you will like it, we will give you some coaching lessons to help you decide. And there is no cost or obligation.

Membership Co-Ordinators

Tennis - Bobby 0414 420 672

Darts   - Matt 0425 734 411

Bowls - Michael 0410 440 962


Alternatively, click the button to download our Membership Application Form. After completion, add a cheque for your fees and deliver to the Club personally or mail to:

    Membership Secretary,
    Vermont South Club,
    PO Box 6002,
    Vermont South 3133

All membership applications are subject to approval by the Club’s Committee of Management, a process that takes an average of 2-3 weeks.




Become a Vermont South Club Member

Annual Fees

Fees consist of three main components:

  • Club Membership
  • Affiliation Fees according to the sport played
  • Joining Fee


Club Membership

Adult member                                        $ 145.00

Junior (under 18 years)                        $   58.50

Full-time student (18-23 years)          $   94.60

Veteran (over 80 years)                        $   98.40

Family (2 adults plus all children)      $ 290.00

Social Night Tennis (1 night)              $   36.00  *

Hot Shots Tennis  (Under 12 years)   $   46.00  *

Non-playing                                           $   20.00  *


        *  No affiliation fees are required

Affiliation Fees

Affiliation fees apply per person per sport played.

Bowls                                                  $ 61.00
Bowls - Junior (under 18 years)    $ 35.50
Tennis                                                 $ 16.85 
Tennis - Family                                 $ 68.00

Includes Personal Accident insurance cover.

Joining Fee

Applies to adults only          Currently no charge