With two all-weather synthetic greens, bowls is played all year round on most days at Vermont South. And night events under floodlights are also popular with members and visitors.

Hardly a day goes by without an organised event at our Club no matter whether
summer or winter.

An example of our busy summer program is:


Saturday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon/Evening (Monthly)
Monday Morning
Tuesday 10am
Tuesday Night
Wednesday Afternoon
Wednesday Night
Thursday Afternoon

Mixed social with BBQ (fours)
Coaching drills
Tuesday 10am Pennant
Night Pennant
Social (triples)
Mixed social (triples, fours)
Mixed social, Pennant practice


A different program operates in winter with much greater emphasis on social bowls. Whether or not there are organised events in progress, rinks are usually available for personal practice or private games. The exception is Saturday afternoon during Pennant season when the greens are fully utilised.

We have a panel of accredited bowls coaches who offer their services free of charge to all members regardless of standard. This is vital for continued improvement and enjoyment of the game. In addition, our coaches provide free lessons to prospective members to help them decide whether bowls is the right sport to take up.

Our club is affiliated with Bowls Victoria. We field Pennant sides on Saturdays and Tuesdays as well as Tuesday night Pennant sides. That’s an amazing total of sides but we are still growing. We have been very successful in Pennant competition in our relatively short Club history with our teams consistently rising through the ranks to reach high divisions. Our top side is in Division 1.

We run two seasons of JACK ATTACK each year. This is a fast and snappy bowls format aimed at new bowlers who are unable to commit a lot of time to the sport and not ready for club membership. Refer to our Jack Attack page for more information.

New bowling members are always warmly welcomed into our Club. It doesn’t matter if you are a highly experienced player or a complete novice; we know our Club can meet your needs. Don’t delay - with a clear trend towards younger players, the earlier you start playing bowls the better it is!