Extreme Heat Policy ….. NOTE: Modifed from last year

The following is a summary of VSBC policy regarding extreme heat conditions and applies to all lawn bowls activities organised by the Club including Club events, social games, corporate events and organised practice.

Play will be abandoned or suspended if the temperature recorded at the Bureau of Meteorology Scoresby weather station reaches 34 degrees C. The temperature should be checked on the BoM website or their phone-in message service on 1196.

For events organised by Bowls Victoria (Pennant etc) and/or Eastern Ranges Bowls Region (ERBR) the “Inclement weather conditions” Procedure, as determined by Bowls Victoria, shall apply.

The Policy above has been developed because the health of our members, visitors and volunteers is paramount. Players, participants, volunteers and officials also have a duty of care to themselves to withdraw from the game/event/activity if they believe weather conditions are unfavourable to their personal well-being.

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