Membership Renewal Notices for 2020/2021

A variety of reasons including COVID-19 (let’s call it 2020) has meant that we have had delays in sending out membership renewal notices. The notices will be sent in the next day or so – by the time you read this you might already have received the notice.
Please ignore the subject of the email and the red text at the top of the email. These are system generated and we cannot change them. The email you receive will be your notice of renewal of membership.
We have also tried to simplify the membership categories. This will make it easier for everyone to understand the benefits for your membership category, and it also makes it easier for new members to choose the relevant membership category for them. We have re-named the “Non-Playing” category to be “Friends of Vermont South”.
This may mean that the the membership category name may have changed from last year. We have ensured that your membership has retained the same benefits as you had previously.
We have also tweaked the membership fees to be equal for all sports in the club with the only differences being the different affiliation fees.
  • Adult Bowls: $180 (Membership Fee $150 + Bowls Affiliation Fee $30)
  • Adult Tennis: $166 (Membership Fee $150 + Tennis Affiliation Fee $16)
  • Adult Darts: $150 (Membership Fee $150)
  • Concession Bowls – Student 18 to 25 or Veteran over 80: $130 (Membership Fee $100 + Bowls Affiliation Fee $30)
  • Concession Tennis – Student 18 to 25 or Veteran over 80: $116 (Membership Fee $100 + Tennis Affiliation Fee $16)
  • Night Tennis: $100 (Special transition fee)
  • Friends of Vermont South: $20 (Membership Fee $20)
  • Family Tennis: $428 (Membership Fee $380 + Tennis Affiliation Fee $48)
  • Junior Bowls – Under 18: $110 (Membership Fee $80 + Bowls Affiliation Fee $30)
  • Junior Tennis – Under 18: $96 (Membership Fee $80 + Tennis Affiliation Fee $16)
We look forward to you continuing your membership with our great club and hope to see you back there as soon as regulations allow!

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