News from behind the Ocky

Another successful raid on Yarrawonga has been completed recently and it appears everyone returned relatively unscathed.
Congratulations to Matt Petruccelli who is 2012 Country Champion, having pipped Stumpy in the final.
Word has it Stewart will be playing golf off scratch next year. Having won on day one with a generous handicap, he won again on day two with an adjusted handicap. Further adjustment meant he only finished second on the last day. Perhaps he was sent to us from the old dart because he IS a Bandit.
Apparently the boys are starting to show their age. I hear the Texas Hold’em Annual comp was cancelled due to the fact that by 10:30 no room was available, each one having someone asleep in it. Oh Dear!

Well done to the Dominators – Dom,Wombat and Mike for winning the Autumn comp. Yours truly takes no credit for the win as we were second when I went away and in an unassailible position on return. It is scurrrilous rumour that two weeks into the new season my team mates have started fund raising to send me overseas again. Cheers and good finishing. Mike

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