Vermont South Club Alcohol Management Policy

This policy aims to provide a basis for the responsible use of alcohol by the Vermont South Club and is seen as fundamental to the aims of the club.

The club recognises the importance in holding a liquor license in the value it adds to the club, enabling it to generate income and hold social functions, but in doing so the club also accepts the responsibilities and expectations of the community in strictly adhering to the liquor licensing laws.

To ensure the aims of the club are upheld and that the club and its members manage alcohol responsibly, the following requirements will apply when alcohol is served at the club or during a club function.

Serving Alcohol

Alcohol will be served according to the legal and moral requirements of the club’s Liquor License with the safety and well being of patrons the priority.
• The Club maintains a current appropriate Liquor License
• Only RSA trained servers will serve alcohol
• Bar servers do not consume alcohol when in the bar
• The club does not encourage excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol
• When serving non pre-packaged alcohol standard drink measures will be served at all times
• Information posters about Standard Drink measures will be displayed in the bar
• The Liquor License and all legal signage will be displayed at the bar
• Names of RSA trained bar staff will be displayed
• An incident register shall be maintained and any incident recorded

Intoxicated Patrons

• Alcohol will not be served to any person who is intoxicated or drunk
• Servers will follow RSA training procedures when refusing service
• Drunk patrons will be asked to leave the premises

Underage Drinking

• Alcohol will not be served to persons aged under 18
• Servers and committee members will ask for proof of age whenever necessary or whenever in doubt
• Only photo ID’s will be accepted

Alcohol Alternatives

The Club recognises that alcohol is not the only revenue stream available and actively encourages the sales of alternative products to that of alcohol.
• Tap water is provided free of charge or at a reasonable price
• At least four non-alcoholic drinks and one low-alcoholic drink option is always available and are at least 10% cheaper than full strength drinks
• Substantial food is available when the bar is open for more than 90 minutes or more than 15 people are present
• The club will avoid player prizes and raffle prizes that have an emphasis on alcohol.

Non Compliance

All club committee members will enforce the alcohol management policy and any non-compliance, particularly in regard to Licensing Laws will be handled according to the following process:
• Explanation of the club policy to the person/people concerned, including identification of the section of policy not being complied with
• Continued non-compliance with the policy should be handled by at least two committee members who will use their discretion as to the action taken, which may include asking the person/ people to leave the club facilities or function
The club will monitor and ensure any club trips, , strictly adhere to responsible behavior and alcohol consumption in accordance with the principles of this policy and the aims of the club Mission and Values Statement.

Committee Policy Management

The presence of Trained Bar Staff is essential to ensure the operation of the bar and policy compliance. At least one trained Bar Staff who is RSA trained is required to be present at all club functions when the bar is open. Key responsibilities of the duty Trained Staff are to:
• Meet visiting police, cooperate and assist with any inquiries
• Ensure the admission of members and guests and completion of the visitor’s book
• Compliance in respect of persons under 18 years of age on premises
• Ensuring intoxicated people are refused service and are asked to leave the premises
• Ensuring strict compliance with the club policy in accordance with the key provisions of the Liquor Control Reform Act
• Recording any incidents in the incident register

Policy Promotion

The club will promote the alcohol management policy regularly by:
• Publishing a copy of the policy in club newsletters, league programs and printed member/ player information
• Displaying a copy of the policy in the club social rooms
• Periodic announcements to members at functions
The club recognises the importance of educating club members, in the benefits of implementing an alcohol management policy and will endeavor to provide information to assist this process.
The club will actively participate in the Australian Drug Foundation Good Sports Accreditation Program with an ongoing priority to achieve Level 3 accreditation.

Policy Review

To ensure this policy continues to be relevant for club operation and that it reflects both community expectations and the provisions of the Liquor Control Reform Act, the policy will be reviewed annually.

Signed: Vermont South Club Committee

Date: May 2017