Tennis will re-open soon

Please find below an update on playing tennis at Vermont South Club. The Victorian Government announced that tennis can be played now subject to limitations. The announcements from Tennis Victoria and Sport and Recreation Victoria can be found here:

This is great news. There are two things which need to happen for us to re-open the club to play tennis.

  1. We need to get approval from Whitehorse Council that we are allowed to open the club for tennis.
  2. We need to perform some maintenance and preparation at the club to ensure that the club is safe to move around and that the courts are ready for play.

At this stage we think that we will be re-opening for tennis on Monday 26 October at 9:00am. The re-opening will be restricted, and once we know what the restrictions are we will let everyone know the process for how you can resume playing.

We thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you on the courts soon.

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