Tuesday Night Tennis

It has been another exciting Tuesday night tennis season. We have had a few new starters and we constantly are on the lookout for more. This season was the closest it has been in years and the Grand final was between “Bloody Orsum” and “The Recruits”.
The final went down to the last set with “Bloody Orsum” needing to win by 3 games or more for a win. At 5-5 in the last there was a chance of a draw and Tie Break Playoff. However this wasn’t to be the fairy-tale ending for “Bloody Orsum” and they went down 7-5 in the last. Congratulations to “The Recruits”.
There is now the summer break with competition starting back mid-February. If anyone is interested please email Justin O’Meara on jomeara@icomm.com.au or call on 0438760327.

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