We are now an ACE Club

Vermont South Club recently became recognised as an ACE Club. This is fantastic for not only the club but also the community. Being an ACE club recognises that we as a club offer our facilities to everyone including those with disabilities and those from multicultural and aboriginal backgrounds.

Our Head Coach, Jess O’Meara, has been working closely with Vermont South Special School and for the past 8 weeks we have been running a tennis program for the senior grades of the school once a week for an hour. The activities incorporated ball skills, cooperative play, movement, understanding the rules of the game, scoring and being competitive in a friendly environment. It has been a great success and everyone has gained skills, been active and enjoyed their time each week on court. It was rewarding to see all players become more and more confident within their sporting abilities.

Vermont South Special school has enjoyed it so much that we will continue in Term 2 with the program which will allow more students the opportunity to learn the sport.

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