Tennis Guests Procedure Reminder

We are really happy to see so many people having a hit at the club. We also welcome guests to also come and play. We consider a guest anyone who is not a member of the club (the only exception to this is the nominated parent for a Hot Shots member).

Any guest who would like to have a hit are expected to pay $5 to play (this also includes family members who are not members). This payment should be made before play starts. We have envelopes next to the club room door which you can put your payment in and put that envelope in the mail slot in the door. Please put your name on the envelope and also write on it “court hire”. Alternatively you can deposit funds into our bank account (please also put your name and “court hire” as the reference).

The bank details are as follows.

Account Name: Vermont South Club
BSB: 633000
Account Number: 13335 3961

The reason this is important is that any guest who is playing without paying is depriving a member of our club an opportunity to play. This is not fair to our members. We are a community club, and we want it to be a place where people enjoy playing, and is fair for all concerned.

We will be doing more checks of the people playing to ensure it is fair for everyone. Please do not be offended if we ask if you are a member. To make the process as quick as possible we ask that people have the Member Jungle App installed on their phone, have their membership card with them, or have their shoe tag on their shoe or in their bag.

The Member Jungle app can be downloaded from here:

Thank you for your understanding, and please keep enjoying having a hit.

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