Returning to Tennis after COVID-19

To keep the tennis and the wider community safe, we must all take responsibility to minimise the effects and spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This page will contain the current guidelines and will be updated as the situation changes.

Please make sure you download the COVIDSafe app:

Please keep checking back here or on Social Media for updates:

The club has set out rules which must be followed:

  • A maximum of 150 people are able to be at the tennis section at one time.
  • Social hitting up to doubles play is allowed.
  • Social distancing of 1.5 metres must still be observed.
  • Face masks or face coverings are not required to be worn while playing. You must have a mask with you, and you are only required to wear it if you are unable to socially distance. If you are under 12 then masks or face coverings are optional but recommended.
  • The club room may be opened. Social distancing of 1 person per 4 square metres, with a maximum of 50 people in the club room at one time.
  • During competition food and drink may be prepared in the kitchen. There must be an adult convenor or their delegate in the kitchen at all times. No players are to be in the kitchen area. Surfaces must be cleaned before and after preparing the food and drink. Those people who are consuming the food and drink in the tennis club room must be seated in the club room while eating and drinking. Tables must be cleaned after the consumption of food and drink. Food and drink may be taken outside to be consumed. Please ensure that you maintain social distancing as you consume food and drink outside.
  • We will be able to sell drinks from the tennis bar (in the tennis office). Only people with an RSA, and who are authorised by the club will be able to sell drinks. If you are not sure if you are authorised, then you are not authorised! Consuming purchased drinks must follow the same rules as above.
  • Sharing of food and drink is not permitted. You can bring food and drink, but it is for personal consumption only.
  • All toilets are available for use.
  • Coaching is allowed up to group sizes of 50.
  • All courts are available for use.
  • Where practical do not share equipment. Where equipment sharing is necessary clubs must adhere to cleaning requirements to mitigate potential virus spread (i.e. equipment is cleaned and disinfected between users)
  • Competition is permitted.
  • Squad training is permitted provided the group size does not exceed 50 people.
  • Everyone, regardless of their role, must arrive and leave as close as possible to when they need to at the venue.
  • Bring your own filled water bottles, as you will not be allowed to use taps or fountains.
  • Pre-booked coaching sessions will have priority over social hitting for now. Please contact Jess O'Meara on 0421 805 696 to make a coaching booking.
  • Bookings are no longer required.
  • Every person who visits the club must sign in and sign out using the “guestbook” or online using the QR code. This will help us know who has been at the club and when. We will use this information to contact people if the club is aware of a person who has contracted Coronavirus and has been at the club. If you have not signed in, you will be asked to stop play and sign in. If you refuse you will be asked to leave.
  • Any enquiries, or if you are unsure, please contact Damien Whaley on 0417 350 546 or

Tennis Victoria have also provided information:

These guidelines are subject to change. This information was updated on 26 November 2020.